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Warsaw Stock Exchange Adds KDM Shipping Public Limited to WIG-Ukraine and WIG-CEE Indices

KDM Shipping Public Limited (KDM:PW), a leading Ukrainian maritime shipping company that is primarily involved in the niche segment of dry bulk river-sea freight in the Black, Azov and Mediterranean Sea regions, has been added to the WIG-Ukraine and WIG-CEE equity indices on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.  The Warsaw Stock Exchange announced the news on 13 August, following its Management Board resolutions no. 42/2007 and 472/2012 (as amended).

Kostiantyn Molodkovets, Chief Executive Officer of KDM Shipping, stated “We are pleased to join the two main equity indices for our geographic region on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.  These additions should bring increased recognition for our Group’s stock and they bring a new business sector into each index.  Our presence on them will be mutually beneficial to the Group as well as to investors seeking diversification.”  Denys Molodkovets, Chief Financial Officer of the Group, added “There are several leading regional grain producers and traders on both indices.  So adding a leading regional grain shipping company, such as our self, is a natural fit.”

The Group transported 20,916 tonnes of wheat during the month of July, representing 35.5% of KDM’s monthly dry bulk cargo (58,864 tonnes).  Turkish ports accounted for 51.8% of the total monthly dry bulk cargo shipments by tonnage, Russian ports accounted 40.6% of the shipments by tonnage and Ukrainian ports accounted for 7.6% of the shipments by tonnage.  Itemized data and figures are available at KDM Shipping’s website (http://kdmshipping.com/Monthly-reports.html).