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Board of Directors

Kostiantyn Molodkovets

Mr. Kostiantyn Molodkovets is the founder of the Group and since 2012 the CEO of the Company. Mr. Kostiantyn Molodkovets has broad experience in the maritime industry, he started his career in OJSC Kyiv River Port and in 1996 became its president. In 2000 Mr. Kostiantyn Molodkovets moved to Municipal Shipping Company Kyiv to take the post of the director. In 2001 Mr. Kostiantyn Molodkovets established LLC Capital Shipping Company (formerly – LLC Danapris Tour). Mr. Kostiantyn Molodkovets is engaged in the activities of industry organisation, including European River-Sea-Transport Union e.V, where he holds the post of vice president from Ukraine.

In 1980 Mr. Kostiantyn Molodkovets graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Water Transport (Russia) with MSc in mechanical engineering.

Denys Molodkovets

Mr. Denys Molodkovets holds the post of Chief Financial Officer of the Company. In recent years he gained broad experience working in LLC Capital Shipping Company as: Head of the Department of Passenger Transport (2007-2008), Chief of the Fleet Operation and Repair of Passenger Transport Department (2008-2009) and Deputy director of the Passenger Transport Department (2009). Since 2009 Mr. Denys Molodkovets has hold the post of Deputy director of LLC Capital Shipping Company.

Mr. Denys Molodkovets was educated in England. He holds BA (Hons) and MA in International Business from Regent's Business School in London.