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The Group operates OJSC Kherson Shipyard named after Kuybyshev located in Kherson. The shipyard is located on the area of 13.2 hectares and in addition encompasses 2.5 hectares of water surface area with the depth to 4 m. This allows the access of river-sea vessels of no more than 10,000 DWT with empty ballast. Major shipyard equipment includes:

  • 751 m of mooring lines equipped with compressed air lines, water supply, power supply as well as berth cranes with capacities of 10, 20 and 25 tonnes;
  • floating dock allowing to perform the repair of vessel underwater parts with docking weight 2,000 t, length 115 m, width 16 m and draft 5 m;
  • the slipway allowing repairs of vessels with weight up to 1,000 tonnes and length up to 70 m.

The current arrangement of the shipyard allows simultaneous repair works for 4-5 vessels of above 100 m length, on the shipyard’s land territory and a float.

The range of services offered by the shipyard includes repairs as well as the construction and modernisation of vessels. Repair works for ships weighing up to 2,000 tonnes comprise of:

  • arrangement of the defect finding and ship repair process,
  • ship’s hull defects detection,
  • replacement of shell plating areas with deck plating framing,
  • defect finding and repair of shaft lines and propellers, ship systems piping, valves and other fixtures, auxiliary machinery and ship electrical equipment,
  • building-up welding and mechanical treatment,
  • mounting and alignment of shaftlines on a vessel.

The shipyard’s capabilities allow the Group to construct various types of vessels including sea-river and sea going vessels (up to 115 m length), fishing vessels, dry cargo carriers and tankers for the Rhine, Danube and Main basins, tugboats, self-propelled and non-self-propelled barges, motor yachts, pleasure and passenger river boats, crafts afloat (offices, hotels, restaurants etc.), metal docks, mooring pontoons and others.